WEB Red Bastard U.K. reviews pr kit

"Very Very Funny." 
- The New York Times 

“One of the Premier Clowns of our Time”

5 Stars
A comedy juggernaut.
- See Magazine

A"Cult Favorite" 
-Time Out NY

Painfully funny, shocking and disarming.  
I haven't laughed that much in a long time and I don't think I've ever had that much fun as part of an audience.

-British Theatre Guide Review
“Deranged and Deadly Funny”.. a “must see”

- Adelaide Now
“Red Bastard might just change your life”
-Nexus Newspaper
“5 Stars”  
“One Funny Son of a Bitch”
-Irish Theatre Magazine
Amazing... fearless.... simultaneously charming and repulsive with peals of laughter-  A Red Bastard indeed.
Toronto Star
"Red Bastard earned outrageous laughs with a mix of physical comedy, jokes and audience interaction"
-Hollywood Reporter
"...bizarrely hilarious...has to be seen to be believed....he cruelly assumes we love him and want to be like him, which by the end of his set turns out to be true."
Time Out NY- Helen Shaw
"Here's the real deal folks. ...New..exciting…fantastic creation. . . This guy is one of the hottest, funniest performance artists on the scene today. Fanatics like us will be lining up early!"
-Backstage Magazine


"Extremely contagious… Davis puts everything he has into his character."
- Village Voice
5 Stars  
This is the show for you.
- Vue Magazine.

“5 Stars”
Everybody in the room was roaring with laughter .... The Red Bastard is the king of clowns and his one-man show is a must see."

-Montreal Hour
“5 Stars”
“The creepiest new friend you ever made... Hilarious”
Eye Weekly-Toronto
4.5 Stars  
“Deliciously vicious, crazy-brave and hilarious”
-Edmonton Journal
4.5 Stars
An electric night of ridiculous meaningful behavior

NUVO Magazine -Indianapolis.
Award- Patron’s Pick
2009 Toronto Fringe Festival
Eye Magazine -Toronto
Good crass masochistic fun... quick wit...I was quite impressed... a surprise serious message at the end.
       The Globe and Mail- Canada’s National Newspaper
It felt like Red Bastard fulfilled the primal, almost religious, ritual function of theater – to bring people together, to enter into “sacred” (or at least non-normal) space and be transformed. He led us down this crazy, twisting, hilarious and terrifying path of self-discovery in a group setting that felt out of control and yet completely structured. It was truly visceral, harrowing and hilarious.
Hypnotic...The most audacious and accomplished clown act I’ve ever seen. Wickedly funny...Plays his audience like the devil does a fiddle… ten out of ten. One of my highest rated picks for this year.  10 out of 10


-George Shapiro Producer, Seinfeld Show


 Eric Davis’ Red Bastard has to be the funniest, most original, most outrageous solo performer in this country today. He’s huge. He’s smart. And he’s classic Bouffon.
Jane Nichols- Prof. of Clown, Harvard, Juilliard

“One of the strangest, sweetest experiences to be had on the variety circuit.”
-NY Sun
“We laughed so hard we couldn’t breathe”
-The Gothamist
"Brave and intimate performance that sweeps up the audience lovingly into (Davis’s) world…. "
“Extraordinary…Red Bastard has killed ‘em all over town”
 -The Gothamist
“Mr. Davis is a knockout. ..never to be forgotten.”
"Red Bastard Performance artist attacks mediocrity"



Red Bastard fuses pure physical comedy with outlandishness...leaving the audience both laughing and fearing the next approach ...his extravagant role is endearing as well

-Steve Chasey,

Impossible to stop laughing...light social upheaval...on point!  You should go see this show.
“Eric Davis gives an immaculate performance”
"A testament to truth in advertising. . .Impish. . .a rich vocabulary of gestures. . . heartily recommended."


“New York’s Clown Prince”
-Toronto Sun
I have been teaching and performing clown for over twenty five years. Once in awhile someone comes along who floors me with their humor and wit.  Mr Davis possesses that rare ability to not only make us laugh but make us think as well.

-David Shiner-  Fool Moon, Director- Cirque Du Soleil’s Kooza
"Davis is extraordinarily skilled...A heartfelt exploration of creativity, artistic legacy, and self-doubt with a superbly delicate touch...a perfect marriage of sophisticated themes and the sheer interplay between audience and actor that I have rarely seen accomplished...There is absolutely nothing I like better"
“Funny, yet disturbing"


“F'in unstoppable. If you've never seen The Red Bastard, go out and do it tonight.  He's one of those performers who will be talked about for years. In 2045, there will be a history of performance class at NYU, and he will have his own chapter in the textbook.”
-Toxic Pop
"One of the most satisfying theatrical experiences I've had."
Amanda Huotari- Executive Director- Celebration Barn Theater


Eric is one of the best…Funny…clever…outrageous…An ass the likes and size of which have not been seen since….
Spectacle magazine.
The Biggest, strangest, most hilarious bastard Sullivan County has ever seen.  …Master Clown... The Red Bastard played at NACL’s Catskill Festival of New Theatre in 2004 and the audience went wild for his show.  Between his other-worldly looks, his peculiar movements and his hilarious routine, many were left breathless from laughter (or shock). 
 -The Towne Crier (Sullivan County, NY)


Trickster extraordinaire… Eric Davis is a master clown who has gained a remarkable reputation… the audience went wild for his show…
 -The River Reporter (Highland Lake, NY)


“Always amazing …one of the best solo shows I’ve seen all year”
-JD Carter, Producer Terra Nova ONE Solo Arts Festival


“People have been talking about that show all year.  It was a really fun event.  Red Bastard is a gifted and savagely original perfomer… an experience I'll never forget!
-Jesse Heffler,   General Programming Coordinator , SUNY Purchase 
"Audience members were treated to a caustic comedian named Red Bastard, who stole the show with his subtle expressions and sudden outbursts”
-Backstage Weekly
"One of a kind. His humor is smart, subversive and in the truest and best sense of the word, outrageous. 
-Joe Raiola, Senior Editor, MAD Magazine
“A satirical giant”
Crystal Fields, Artistic Director, Theater for the New City (NY)


Eric Davis is a Genius!! Having a rare Saturday free, I took advantage of the opportunity to go see Red Bastard. It was terrific! I recommend it highly!
James Eason- U.C.B.'s MOTHER


"A truly electric performer"


I laughed so hard I cried (literally) and peed a little (metaphorically). If you haven't seen Red Bastard yet, you are ridiculous.
Sara Nowack


"Five minutes into the Red Bastard experience I knew this was someone I would follow. I was scared, I was thrilled, I guffawed until my face hurt, I wanted more before it was even over. All I can hope now is that one day I'll give birth to a red bastard baby. In a world inundated with pseudo-artistes' Red Bastard is GENIUS! There is only ONE 'somebody'and his name is RED BASTARD!"
- Carmen Pelaez- Producer, One Solo Arts Festival


"Eric Davis's (Red Bastard) stage presence is electric. He performs with a specificity and physical alacrity that's wonderful to watch. His eyes shift, his neck angles, and world seem to be born."
-Carson Elrod- Actor, Kissing Jessica Stein/ Wedding Crashers, Broadway production of Noises Off.


One of our all-time faves.-
-Steve Kosloff -Deep Dish Cabaret/ Ghent Magazine


"I have seen Eric Davis silence crowded, drunken clubs with nothing more than a stare. You have to see him again and again, because people will be laughing so hard you'll miss half of it the first time."
-Benjamin Ickies- Producer Rock and Roll Accordian Summit


Mr. Bastard's famous big red ass never fails to make the audience involuntarily piss their pants.
-Sara Gancher- P.S. 122's School House Roxx.


"Disturbingly funny"
- Kevin O’Keefe. American Youth Circus Organization


"Brilliant, even Becketty in its humor."
- Audience Member.


"Davis' Bouffon cracks his gestural whips in your mind's ass with such effortless focus and mastery that the time between the mind and its expression in the ass is effectively obliterated. 
-Downtown Art Legend, Michael Portnoy (AKA "SOY BOMB  from the 1998 GRAMMYS)


"Deep, hilarious and meaningful"
-Dave Serchuk, Hell’s Kitchen


"One of the best and most unusual things I've seen all year. See it!"
- Improv Resource Center


"Eric Davis is one of the most loveable, sincere character actors I have ever seen on stage."
-Jen Nails, Artistic Director- The People’s Improv Theatre


"In the history of crazy clowns who would frighten the pants off children but make adults of all ages laugh themselves silly, there's Red Bastard and then there's everybody else. He's awesome in every sense of the word awesome can be used for insane clowns of comedy."
- Nick Stevens, Producer, The Shark Show.


"The Red Bastard killed me. Killed. What an utterly unique and terrific piece of theater. Or clowning. Or whatever. The more I think about it the more it knocks my socks off. Wow."
-Scott Thewes Improviser and Mask Maker.


Red bounds around the stage with the delight of a young child and the ego of a young Muhammad Ali on acid. You won't be able to take your eyes off this artistic spectacle!"
JD CarterCo-Producer terraNOVA ONE Solo Arts Festival& Associate Director terraNOVA Theatre Collective


I find Red bastard frightening yet...I can't stop pawing myself.-
-Ed Goodman Improv Olympic.


Astounding and Bizarre!
Kate Brehm- I'm Not lost.


So brave and so bizarre. It's awesome!!
-Annette. Audience member


I find the show so funny. I would never expect me laughing on the floor just for 1 person. I'm ready to go see him again next monday with other friends.
-Steve. Audience Member


Absolutley Hilarious
-Ranjeeth Thunga


The Red Bastard is a breath of fresh air! I witnessed the magic of the Red Bastard at the HOWL festival over the weekend. He is one of a kind. In a time where everything in entertainment is rehashed, redone or remade, The Red Bastards humor is truly original and captivating. There is no one like the Red Bastard. The Red Bastard is where its at.
-Teague Clements-


I saw Red Bastard at this years Wigstock, and in a matter of days "RedBastard" became a household name. When something is so funny that utterly hysterical isn't enough, "You Red Bastard" now fills in. And I am spreading Red fever around the Vassar College campus. I love you Red!!!
-Rebecca Fernandez


". . .stick around for "Red Bastard is a Star,"  and feel the wrath of this clownish demon as he torments the crowd with comedic insults and provocations"




My brother says "Red Bastard" was his favorite improv show for the week we were in NYC. The character is almost super viallain like in appearance and attitude, and yet he's captivating to watch.
-Miami Improv Festival


Thrill-Kill Comedy.
-Carmine Irregulars


"A Fantastic Clown. . .Red Bastard does holds some clues to what needs to change about theatre."
-Green Street Salon


Sure to be drawing laughs ... have-to-see-and-hear-him-to-believe-him


Eric Davis is The Red Bastard who the whole New York art-cabaret community is agog over. Davis gets into the very ID of theater. Delightfully mind-twisting.
- SXIP. Producer, Sxip's Hour of Charm.


I just wanted to thank you. I haven't sqealed in delight in such a long time! I had forgotten what it felt like to be intoxicated with laughter; thanks to you I remember what I had been missing. I can't wait to catch another show.
-Greta (caught you in the Catskills)


Red Bastard is hysterical and totally original. One of the coolest one person performances I have seen. He rocks! GO RED!
Luscious D


Red Bastard is the most strange, f-d up, funny, beautiful thing I’ve seen in a long while. If you havne’t seen him, you should check him out.


I can not praise REd Bastard highly enough- possibly the most interesting and entertaining performance I've seen in NYC.
-Captain Blackett .


There are times in the city when there's nothin' that will impress you anymore. You've simply seen everything race by your face in the last 12 hours and there just aren't any more surprises left for the naked eye to behold. Then some red, bulbous, giggling pixie with gnashing teeth starts skipping laps around a handicap kid, and you just can't help it, you'll be like: "Huh?"
-Normal Bob Smith.


I had the good fortune to see this show on new year's eve at the PIT. It was one of the best and most unusual things I've seen all year. See it!
Entering the packed Bosco Theatre, we feel churlish at displacing the people sitting in our reserved seats. How they will smirk when they see what happens to us. When the Red Bastard appears, there is an immediate gasp-grimace from the audience which – along with laughter – will be the predominant response.  
What is this creature? Half superhero, half circus freak, he spider-steps across the stage, elegantly carrying his grotesquely bulbous costume. Having encountered bouffon though a myriad textbooks and performative references, I still find my jaw dropping at the audacious reality. Exaggerated, huge, repetitive, and driven by archetypes, the Red Bastard is like a walking tabloid headline: ‘Sex! Danger! Outrage!’, the performance screams. The crucial difference is the goal of this extremity: to subvert, rather than reaffirm, commonly-held beliefs. There is no escape from participation, except for Carlo, an audience member who is judged unenthusiastic, and summarily ejected. Others are subsequently tested, as the Bastard climbs over us, sits on us, and demands that we join in the ‘class’. This includes an episode where I am told to “Sing!” (a screechy version of an actor’s voice warm-up). “Very good, now sing into my mouth. Good, now sing with your tongue.”  
Invasion is a theme of the show, and evasion impossible, especially when the entire audience is told to pose for a picture, then photographed again, and again, and again. Though I leave the theatre not completely sure which of my assumptions have been challenged, the experience as a whole is powerful and lingering. “I’ll be back!” yells the comic-book villain as the cops drag him away. So, I expect, will moments of this experience.
   - Cassie Werber 
Total Theatre Magazine (Ireland)  2008


  “It was...okay....”
Red Bastard

The Curtain Call: Red Bastard (at UNO Fest)
nexus newspaper

May 28, 2010 - Arts
by Amanda Richardson - Staff Writer
Red Bastard (at UNO Fest)

Seriously, un-fucking-believable!
Eric Davis, creator, performer, and visionary, is Red Bastard, the clown that will make you writhe in your seat and will haunt your dreams. Picture Satan in a head-to-toe red tube sock. A bulbous, morbidly obese Satan, who somehow remains light as a feather on his twinkling little toes. Confused yet? Intrigued yet? Just wait till you see him in person.
But, seriously, "un-fucking-believable" is the not-so-hushed murmur that flits throughout the room during a Red Bastard performance. It's uttered with reverence, disgust, and awe; separately, although at times simultaneously.
In the midst of Red Bastard you may find yourself wondering when you have ever before felt so awkward, yet so enthralled. Davis brings life to the dimly lit room, insisting that something interesting must, as a rule, happen every 10 seconds. This demand for something interesting inevitably leads to the thing Red Bastard's filthiest wet dreams are made of--audience participation.
Davis is interactive, physical, engaging, and mortifying. If the audience is an emotional stew with all its deliciousness bubbling quietly beneath the surface, Davis is the bastard holding the hand-blender.
Red Bastard is not for the passive or shy because those qualities only draw his attention. Like a moth to a flame, he preys on people's insecurities and forces self-confrontation. He has no qualms about making audience members feel like jerks, because if you're not a bastard, you're chickenshit.
Red Bastard forces you to realize what you want, because his philosophy is that everyone needs to stop doing what they're told, and start doing what they want to do. The lesson learned through Red Bastard's teachings is that everyone should try to realize their dreams, and, as he says, "everyone else can fuck themselves."
Red Bastard, as a show, really has it all. Audience participation, uncomfortable stretching of personal comfort zones, unabashed public nudity, and a little sodomy thrown in for good measure.
He's not for the weak of heart. He's not for the weak of stomach. But if you have the guts and the balls, Red Bastard might just change your life.
Red Bastard

May 27 at 9 pm, May 28 at 9 pm
Metro Club

Plank Magazine.
Red Bastard: shame and the funniest bastard
Red Bastard wants you
Dina Del Bucchia
September 11th, 2009
Shame, humiliation, hilarity and so much beautiful saliva. The funniest bastard around.
Love, love, love, love. Fuck that shit was funny.
First off, I love red and am extremely partial to the word bastard. So even before the show starts, I’m feeling the love. From the first cheeky notes of Come Together, with a tease of his toe, a glimpse of his hand from behind the curtain, Red Bastard presents himself as cheeky, raunchy, intelligent and extremely willing to take control of an audience. Like a swollen, knobby American Apparel ad, Red Bastard bounds around the stage with a dancer’s grace and swears with a mobster’s grace. He is charming and vulgar. He is a theatrical dichotomy made bulbous flesh. He skewers our obsession with celebrity while begging for someone in the audience to introduce him to Kevin Bacon. With a flick of his hand he commands us to show off from our seats opposite him, while remaining the main attraction.
I have never been at a performance where the majority of the audience actually enjoyed participating. There was nary a grumble as he encouraged everyone to shout and move and, God forbid, get out of their seats. I haven’t been a willing audience participant since I was 7 and was mocked on stage by a sadistic magician for children. He Red would pick out audience members to harass, build them up with snide compliments and take them down with a truism about the way they view the world. Such a loveable and hilarious antagonist. By making the audience his students he becomes the teacher you are not just forced to listen to and obey, but want to. His own lack of shame forces the audience to see their own shames, as well as their insecurities, weaknesses and arrogance. But there is also a tongue-in-cheek message of hope for the future of theatre, the arts, morality, the whole big world. There is enjoyment to be had but also work to be done and the audience works for him just as he takes so much time to entertain.
And I haven’t even mentioned the saliva. Red Bastard spits in anger and provocation and then he spits again when he’s gleeful. He mocks performance art by calling his spit art, and yet he’s in front of the crowd. It was grotesque and beautiful and, of course, guffaw inducing. Beware the front row. Or don’t. Those barriers have already been broken down.
Red Bastard is a lumpy red ball of zeitgeist always on the attack and an exuberant and pointed bouffon. I left with red marks on my legs from the constant smacking they endured during my uncontrollable laughter and awe.  I became a red bastard. Go see this giant ass. You won’t regret it.
For more show information go
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Plank Magazine.

Red Bastard: plank reviewer shoves her hand up his arse
Would you put your hand up there? Plank: we go where others fear to go.
Lianna Walden
September 17th, 2009
Lots of rumours about the Red Bastard around the Fringe site, in line-ups, at the Fringe bar…buzz buzz buzz…so off I eagerly scampered to experience this phenomenon. From the very beginning he is sneaky, peering out from behind the curtain, teasing the audience. And his sneakiness does not stop there. What will he do next? No idea – nobody knows, he doesn’t even know, as he uses the present audience for his adlibbing content. Oh what a bastard. But for all the bastardness exuding from his ludicrous self, I loved him – the originality, the unknown, the grossness. Here is an actor completely uninhibited, utilizing all the space a theatre has to offer for his own self indulgent means. 

The title, Red Bastard, could not be more representational: big and bulbous and red, naughty, bizarre, nasty, loving, freaky, scary, outrageous bastard of all bastards. I wanted to squeeze those big bulbous buns, actually I did better than that, I was rewarded by getting to stick my hand deep into the massive arse.
I saw the actor, Eric Davis, walking around the festival handing out fliers. He was smiling and friendly and he is actually a very good looking man. The transformation he makes into this red outrageous creature was incredible. Davis pushes clowning to levels never before reached. And you to can learn these techniques, he offers workshops and classes in many parts of the world, where he divulges his secrets to becoming a real manipulative bouffon
Sitting in the audience half in fear that he would come over to my area, which he did anyway (bastard) as I explained above, half laughing in utter hilarity and disgust, this is a show I will never forget.  The Fringiest of the Fringe, go and get some good ole Red Bastard…if you dare.
For showtime information put your arse
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Red Bastard
By Eric Davis and Sue Morrison
Part of SURGE festival
The Arches, Glasgow

Review by Seth Ewin (2010)
A big bulging sack of filth whose barbed wit and huge physical presence were painfully funny, shocking and disarming.
Bouffon Eric Davis has created the most wonderful in-your-face act: his Red Bastard is all arse and belly with delicate legs and arms poking out. The ridiculous red costume in no way inhibits the graceful mover inside as he cavorts across the stage and indeed into the audience to seek out victims, and even backstage when a techie takes a wrong turning through a black leg. In short no one is safe.

Physically grotesque, but it is verbally that this bouffon act really takes the audience apart. The continuous monologue is every bit as fast, sharp and manic as his moves, but it also allows him to go much further in his mockery of the audience. He begins by building up the audience's trust as a life coach for people with artistic dreams, which, as with any theatre, is the whole room, but by the end he's rubbing our self-inflicted failings in our faces.
This description makes it sound cruel, but being part of that audience was insanely fun. Yes, he played with us and manipulated us and picked on people, but it was all so incredibly funny. I spent much of the performance leaning forward groaning with laughter, and he attacked us when we laughed. A friend of mine who sat a few seats away and whose laughter can become quite high pitched found she was an ongoing target. Other audience members were lured into reaching into the Bastard's arse amongst other humiliations. He played us like a virtuoso on a violin.
Towards the end it was quite philosophical and he was on a mission to strip away our inhibitions: slightly less laughter, but this allowed a build-up to a great finale and a lovely ending.
I haven't laughed that much in a long time and I don't think I've ever had that much fun as part of an audience.
Festival Freak.  Australia
It’s not until I’ve been spruiked with TalkFringe flyers whilst in the queue for Red Bastard that I realised that this is a buoffon act… that little line in the précis – “His target: …you” – is easy to skip over.
Alrighty then, I ponder – massive audience participation is expected. What to do – front of house, or back? I’m early in the queue, so the house is mine for the choosing… I opt for front, second row table, and wind up sharing it with the friendly & gorgeous Amanda and her beau.
But not for long.
Red Bastard takes to the stage, strutting like a bulbous chicken. His absurd appearance should be familiar enough – he’s almost as much a poster-child for the Fringe as the astronauts – and he roams the stage, eyeing up the audience, whilst uttering nonsense. Suddenly he strikes a pose, arms outstretched – “Space!” he yells, and there’s one or two in the audience that recognise the call and pose likewise. He grins at them, licking his lips, before turning to the rest of us with derision and explaining how to “make space”. The next lesson is “Displace!”, sending the audience scurrying from to another nearby chair, frantic bumps causing many embarrassed giggles. And then we start warming our voices up. Gently, then louder, then screaming. And if there’s one thing I can do on cue, it’s Be Loud – as the Red Bastard found out when he singled me out. The audience’s laughter and applause felt good :)

He’s warming us up, of course, because we are the real stars of the show; Red Bastard is merely a facilitator, a mirror. He poses awkward questions of the audience, then dances around them, opening them up. Whether it be purely conversational (quizzing people on their dreams and ambitions, and what impedes their progress in achieving those goals) or physical (goading members of the audience into feeling around his bulbous butt for money hidden therein), he’s always challenging the audience, making them think.
There’s the occasional rant to himself – an inexplicable treatise on shaving, and a massive missive on Strut & Fret’s immensely profitable hegemony over The Garden’s acts (the
Circus Trick Tease folks cheer him on). But this isn’t a comedy show, nor is it theatre… it’s almost meta-theatre, a deconstruction of the performer / audience relationship.
Having said that, I also found it deeply thoughtful and oddly inspirational. It’s more like a self-help seminar wrapped in abuse. And some of his queries stick with me still – What is the dirtiest thing I’ve ever said? How do I displace my instincts and intentions? And I can’t exactly say it’s a “good show” – as the complicit agreement between the crowd and Red Bastard infers, this show is what the audience makes of it. And as he leads us outside at the end of the show, he’s introducing us to the rest of our lives; the show lives on outside the Revolution.
I believe him. What a bastard.